My journey started with NBR back in December of 2017, I had been in the hair industry for about 16 years and I was tired and burnt out and needed a change. I always loved extensions but just dabbled in them a little with my clients and I had wore many different types over the years, as a matter of fact I have worn extensions for the last 16 years and I couldn’t live without them but finding NBR made me fall in love with them even more. I had just had my daughter, she was 5 months old so I packed up my daughter and my nanny and we headed to California for BMS CON 1, little did I know my life was about to change forever. I thought I was going to a “hair class “and trust me I’ve been to a lot but what I thought was a traditional hair class was about to change everything that I had ever learned and opened my eyes to a whole new path. I realized that l had found a new passion for hair and so I began converting my entire business to color and extensions only. My passion for hair began to slowly return but what I started realizing was this wasn’t just about the hair, it was about the way women felt when they sat in my chair. I started to understand that I was changing the way a person viewed themselves and it was so incredibly amazing. Extensions didn’t have to just be for adding length, they could be for thickening the hair, helping with hair loss or thinning hair, but more than anything they fix a problem and I get to be a part of that journey for these women. It became clear to me that this was exactly where I needed to be and helping women feel confident and sexy was the most amazing feeling. I always had dreams of having my own salon, and in 2020 I finally took the leap and opened a small salon for me and my sister to work. My younger sister wanted to follow in my footsteps and was also trained in California to do NBR. So Sorella Salon was born, we are an NBR exclusive salon in the suburbs of St. Louis,MO. This year will be my 6th year doing NBR and I have to say I wouldn’t change a thing. I have changed the lives of so many women and it is the most satisfying thing I have ever done. Seeing the change happen in women over the course of 3 to 4 hours is so amazing and brings me so much joy. I look forward to changing many more lives. Sarah xoxo