Kiki Tobar | Kashmir Extensions

Kiki Tobar | Kashmir Extensions


Product Description

Kiki Tobar owns her own salon, Kashmir Hair, in West Hollywood, CA and is an official Coach and Trainer for Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extensions.

Kiki was raised by a family of hairdressers including her entrepreneurial Mother starting a Hairschool Academy. She struggled for 10+ years to find the right Hair Extension method for herself and her own clients.

After moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2018 she learned the method Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extensions and made it exclusively the only Hair Extension method she offered because of some very important factors; less damage and more customization.

Within One Year of learning NBR® Kiki was asked to teach on stage for the company as a National Platform Artist, and is now on her way to becoming a National Trainer for NBR® and the DKW Styling Academy (Business, Marketing, and Sales portion of the company).

Kiki Tobar Extensions is located in the heart of West Hollywood, CA on the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles.