Lexi Krouse | Lightning Hair Co.

Lexi Krouse | Lightning Hair Co.


Product Description

Hi there,

My name’s Lexi Krouse and I specialize in NBR, blondes and brondes.
The reason I embarked on my hair journey was truly based on the feeling I had when my hair looked great. The feeling of being able to empower women in feeling like the best version of themselves with the confidence of having beautiful hair is truly unmatched for me. There’s no better investment than one in yourself, and I believe when you feel good you show up as the best version of you.

I spent my first year and a half specializing in NBR inside of DKW Styling Salon where I learned more tools than I could’ve imagined and truly learned from the best of the best. I have since moved to my hometown and I’m now accepting NBR clients in Granite Bay, California. I’m located about an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe.

The best way to get in contact with me will be through the Jotform link below or sending me a text. I look forward to having you in my chair.