There is something so powerful about a confident women. One of the most important keys to making a women feel even more confident is her hair. We all have been there when we look in the mirror and just wish we could have something to help us feel better. That is why I chose NBR. NBR gave me the confidence and gave me the happiness I needed after going thru postpartum depression. I could finally look in the mirror and love something about myself again and yes that just happened to be my hair I started feeling like myself and wanting to look in every mirror I passed because I just absolutely loved the way NBR made me feel and look! My goal for each and every women out there is to feel the way I feel every day!


A little bit about me, I have a beautiful baby boy and I am married to the love of my life. I have been doing hair for a little over 5 years now and I am licensed in NBR extensions. I specialize in beautiful bright blondes and lived in color. I am constantly learning new color techniques so I always stay up to date with the latest hair fashion. I would love to have you sit in my chair and experience NBR for yourself and just see how powerful it can and will make you!!


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