Mary Anderson | DKW Styling Salon

Hello there, I’m Mary Anderson, and I’ve been crafting styles since 2022 right here at DKW Styling Salon, the Flagship Salon for Natural Beaded Rows. My passion lies in the realm of color, whether it’s a radiant brunette, a chic lived-in blonde, or even experimenting with vibrant fashion shades; each transformation fills me with joy.

Natural Beaded Rows isn’t just a method to me; it’s the epitome of my dedication to mastery. I’ve chosen to focus solely on this technique, pouring all my expertise into perfecting it. My goal is simple: to offer my clients an unparalleled experience where every moment in my chair is nothing short of exceptional.

Welcoming new guests into our salon is like a thing of magic. It’s unlike any other salon you’ve experienced, leaving a mark on each person who walks through our doors. I can’t wait to meet you and create something truly extraordinary together!

xoxo, Mary

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