NBR, or Natural Beaded Rows, is a hair extension technique that uses hand-tied wefts to create a natural, seamless look. As an NBR extension artist, I take pride in the transformative power of hair extensions and the way they can boost my clients’ confidence and enhance their natural beauty.

What I love most about doing hair is the ability to connect with my clients and help them feel their best. With NBR extensions, I am able to create a custom look that enhances their natural hair and complements their individual style. From adding length and volume to creating dimension and texture, the possibilities are endless with NBR extensions.

As my client sits in my chair, they will feel relaxed and pampered, with the beautiful view of the ocean as their backdrop. I strive to create a luxurious experience for my clients, where they can escape from their everyday stresses and feel like a queen for a few hours. From the moment they step into my studio, I prioritize their comfort and make sure they feel taken care of every step of the way.

But the real magic happens when they see the final result: a beautiful transformation of their hair that they can’t help but love. With NBR extensions, their hair will look fuller, longer, and more luscious than ever before. And because the hand-tied wefts are sewn in with minimal tension, they won’t feel heavy or uncomfortable.

Overall, being an NBR extension licensed artist is truly rewarding, as I get to help my clients look and feel their best. Whether they’re seeking a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, I am committed to creating a customized look that exceeds their expectations and leaves them feeling confident and beautiful.

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