Addie Steinberg

Addie Steinberg


Product Description

Hi there!

I’m Addie Steinberg,  I‘ve been in the hair industry for over 20 years.

In 2018 I discovered NBR, from that moment I was all in! I’m all for tiny details and I love the hair industry, so  what a perfect match. I found a true love for hair extensions! I was finally able to get the hair I could only dream of and now I’m passionate about providing other women the hair they have always wanted.

When I’m away from the salon I try to stay active. I do this by hopping on my Peloton for an early morning ride! I follow up with extra cardio by trying to keep up with my very active son!

When I carve out some time away from all that I can typically be found creating absolutely delicious treats of cookies, pies and cakes or taking in our guilty pleasure of watching reality TV with my husband.