What are the NBR Stylist Levels?

DKW Styling Salon - The Flagship of NBR Extensions

Set in beautiful Laguna Beach, California is where you’ll find the home of NBR. Being the flagship salon means that the Artists within it are held to the highest of standards and receive daily feedback on their work from the educators of NBR Education.

NBR Educator

This is an Artist who is not only a Licensed NBR® Artist but also someone who has undergone years of private training in order to become an educator with Natural Beaded Rows®. They continue their education with private training, hosting classes, and events.

Licensed NBR Artist

This is a Artist who has graduated from the year-long program that is the NBR® Academy. Their work has been looked over, refined, and approved by the NBR® Education Team to ensure the highest quality of work.

Certified NBR Artist

Artists who have taken education with us, but have not graduated from the NBR® Academy are not listed on our site. Although you can expect a beautiful transformation from these artists, we only promote those who have gone through the our Academy to ensure the highest quality and standard of NBR is set.