Aleta Marquez Plajer | AMP Hair Extension Studio

Aleta Marquez Plajer | AMP Hair Extension Studio


Product Description

My passion for creating beautful hair goes back as far as when I was 5 years old. I would come home from school and, with time alone, I would have a “hair show” on my CAT! I pretended to be a celebrity stylist that the entire world knew and looked up to and that cat cut was ALL the craze.

With nearly 15 years of experience that little girl dream is still alive inside me. I work tirelessly to educate myself to give my guests their perfect hair. Currently I am a student within the DKW Styling Academy where, upon completion, I will become one of the very first Licensed NBR™ artists in the nation!

Through the years of my career I would have many guests ask about extensions so they could get longer or fuller hair. I always told them that extensions were not the answer because extensions were so much of a time and money investment and would not give them the results they desired. In part, I said this because I was scared to lose a client because I was taught to believe I had to have all the clients and offer all the services in order to be successful. But a big part of me did really believe that extensions were a waste. Until I came across NBR™

For the first time in my career I saw results that I never believed were possible with extensions. I saw women go from having hair that was thin, short, and lifeless to hair that was AMAZING all with only a 3-4 hour appointment!

My goal is to give every woman the confidence she needs to step into the life she chooses and I believe that starts with giving them their perfect hair. Regardless of how we should feel, when we look in the mirror and like what looks back at us, it makes it easier to go after that next thing!
-Aleta Marquez Plajer,
Natural Beaded Rows® Specialist