Amy Gritton | Ashlyn Jamyson Salon & Spa

Amy Gritton | Ashlyn Jamyson Salon & Spa


Product Description

Meet Amy, a passionate hairstylist dedicated to helping women not only look beautiful but feel it too. With a lifelong love for hair, Amy spent the last two decades searching for a method that could truly boost her guests’ confidence. Enter Natural Beaded Rows (NBR), where Amy witnessed a remarkable shift in her clients’ confidence levels—from the moment they walked in to the moment they walked out.

While Amy always adored hair extensions, she was wary of methods that compromised hair health. With NBR, she finally found a solution she could wholeheartedly endorse—one that she would proudly wear herself.

Located in Olympia, Washington, Amy invites you to step into her chair and experience the transformative magic of NBR. She’ll eagerly share her tips and tricks to ensure that you leave with the best hair of your life. With a smile on her face, Amy will watch as you confidently flip your hair, ready to take on the town and show off the new you.