Angela Flint | Angela Flint Styling Salon

Angela Flint | Angela Flint Styling Salon


Product Description

I’m a little bit rock n roll and a little bit granola. I love to dance and I love to be comfortable.

I specialize in light-weight and versatile Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions, with natural-looking color and style. I’ll take care to make sure your hair is on point, your color is rich and your highlights are glowing.

In my first career, I was a project architect, this is where I found my natural abilities which I use to this day: foundation, balance, and problem-solving. In 2008, the economy crashed, and after applying for jobs for three years, I decided I was ready for a new career— Hairdressing! I enrolled at Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in 2011 because I believe in what Aveda stands for, which is to care for the world we live in.

After graduating I had two goals. One was to be able to work in my community and the other was to be able to have more hours to spend with my 3 children.

I love connecting with people one-on-one, helping them feel beautiful and confident through conversation and hair. To bring just a little bit of joy to their day. My salon’s relaxing and comfortable, a place where you can feel like being yourself.

​After beauty school, I found Davines and quickly fell in love with their company. I use Davines’ hair color and styling products.

Davines is high quality, effective, and smells like the beach! (..think cotton candy and sea salt – yum!) They’re an amazing company because of their love for the world, sustainability, bio-diversity, and community.

When you come to my salon I’ll make sure you are heard and I can deliver your hair dreams—sexy hair & confidence.

I would love to meet you and add some long Natural Beaded Rows locks to your life.