Krystal Coit | DKW Styling Salon

Krystal Coit | DKW Styling Salon


Product Description

Krystal is the DKW salon manager and ISLA hair brand manager. She is the Maestro conducting the symphony that is DKW’s team, ensuring that each stylist is supported to do their best work and each client experiences impeccable results. With almost 2 decades behind the chair, she is a master stylist and colorist in addition to being a leader in the art of NBR extensions. 

“I became a stylist and began wearing extensions when I was 18, but I never offered them to my clients because I was never 100% satisfied– until I found NBR. My mind was blown, I felt on top of the world while wearing NBR, and it changed the trajectory of my career. I love that I get to share this feeling with others everyday.”

Krystal Coit