Britta Van Boerum | Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge

Britta Van Boerum | Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge


Product Description

Britta, the visionary behind Skandia Kollektiv, has a deeply personal and inspiring journey. Just four weeks before the scheduled opening of her salon, her mother suffered a life-altering accident, becoming a double bilateral amputee. This profound event reshaped Britta’s life and her family’s, demanding sacrifices and care for her mother.

Despite the initial challenges and doubts about opening a “regular hair salon,” Britta discovered a higher purpose. She recognized the power of transformation and empowerment that extends beyond creating beautiful hairstyles. Britta envisioned a space where women could find light, confidence, and renewed energy.

Her mother’s struggle and subsequent hair loss due to surgical procedures highlighted the impact of small joys on women’s self-perception. Natural Beaded Rows offered her mother a sense of identity and helped her regain confidence. This experience illuminated Britta’s mission: to help women transform into the strong and empowered individuals they truly are.

Britta’s passion lies in creating more than just long or thick hair. She aims to offer transformative experiences that empower women and allow them to reconnect with their inner strength and beauty.