Chelsea Fritz | Chelsea Hair Co. Salon

Chelsea Fritz | Chelsea Hair Co. Salon


Product Description

I first fell in love with NBR just as you are in this exact moment.

I started as a client back in 2016. I was working as a makeup artist at the time and loved how natural NBR was, how much hair I was able to have and the CONFIDENCE I saw in myself was night and day. From that moment I wanted to be able to make other women feel just as confident and empowered as I felt.

However, at that time, I wasn’t even a licensed cosmetologist.

Fast forward to 2020 When I was FINALLY able to take an NBR class, and now, as a licensed artist I’m still just as obsessed (if not even more) as I was back in 2016.

There’s something so powerful about looking in the mirror, and seeing yourself the way you’ve always imagined. It’s not JUST hair and never has been.

+ It’s a level of confidence you’ve never experienced before

+ It’s being able to stand in your power

+ It’s having more time to spend with your kids in the morning

+ It’s not being able to stop looking at yourself in the mirror

+ It’s knowing you won’t have to curl your hair again this week

The best part of my job is being able to bring that to fruition for you.

When I’m not at the salon you can find me exploring cute local coffee shops with my husband, hanging with my fur babies Mocha + Rascal, or shopping at Target buying far too many decor pillows.

Let’s hang! I cant wait to turn your dream hair into a reality

– Chels