Jaimy Turnbull


Product Description

Hey there, I’m Jaimy, and I’m all about creating stunning, lived-in color and enhancing natural beauty with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions in the Westmoreland County of Pennsylvania.

In the hair game since 2013, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect extension method that I can wholeheartedly stand behind and recommend as the absolute best. After experimenting with various techniques, I discovered NBR, and it was a game-changer. I was so blown away by the results that I knew I had to share this with everyone.

Having dealt with my own struggles with hair loss, I understand the emotional toll it can take. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping women regain their confidence through transformative hair solutions.

Clients often tell me that I have a knack for truly listening, empathizing, and creating a space where they can feel comfortable being themselves.

Join me for a luxurious experience that goes beyond just great hair—get ready for the most incredible head massage you’ve ever experienced!