Katrena Fink Styling

Katrena Fink Styling


Product Description

I am Katrena Fink, and I am a Bona-Fide Hair Nerd!

I have been a hairstylist since 2004 and since built my business around consistent education. I am always pushing myself to achieve more growth and skill. This is so important to keep my inspirational spark and, most importantly, to deliver my very best to my guests. My educational path led me to pursue a mastery of NBR, and to graduate from the DKW Styling academy as a Licensed Artist.

As a wife and mother of 4, I can honestly say that I know how hard it is to prioritize self care. Whether it’s career, motherhood, or just the never ending curve balls that life can throw, it’s never been harder to put yourself and your needs first. It’s also never been more important. With ever changing times and uncertainties, we need a place we can go to feel connected, to feel beautiful, to feel strong and confident. If you have chosen me to meet these needs for you, that is an honor, privilege, and responsibility that I take very seriously.

If you would like to know more about what it’s like to be a guest in my salon, please visit my website to learn more.