Lindsay Aras (the pHb Salon)

Lindsay Aras (the pHb Salon)


Product Description

Hair stylist of 13 years, LU Biology alumni, and licensed NBR Stylist. The formation of The pHb Salon was in inspired by Lindsay’s passion for providing solace and first-class service. If anyone understands the power of a proper hair appointment, it is Lindsay.

“At the age of 15 I lost half of my hair density due to lack of nutrients and harsh chemical services. My confidence was at an all time low as I searched for a remedy. Fifteen years and 5 extension methods later, the NBR extension experience has gifted me the youthful and natural looking hair I’ve longed for.”

Extensive education in hair extensions and color have allowed Lindsay to treat her guests with hair they thought they could never have.

“Your uniqueness is your magic”