Jaci Ross-Munro | The Woodlands NBR & Microlines Artist

Jaci Ross-Munro | The Woodlands NBR & Microlines Artist


Product Description

Hey love, I’m Jaci Ross-Munro & my story began in 2001 when I decided to leave college for one year to experience a secret desire to be a hairstylist.   So I packed up my home in Oklahoma & moved to Houston TX to attend the Aveda Institute. Little did I know that my life was just about to truly begin & I fell in love with making a difference in women’s lives, self confidence & empower them with the skills to not only look their best but feel it deep down.

I knew personally what it felt like to walk into a room & feel like the entire room was staring at you. I was always daring to set the trend but didn’t always feel 100% confident.  So seeing how delivering great hair but being a voice of encouragement & honesty is really where I saw how I could impact another woman & be her daymaker.

I first had a natural passion for all things chemical & learned I had to try harder to be creative because I followed rules & processed information on the technical & methodical side. It was then when a mentor had me take a personality test & I discovered I was uber meticulous & thrived doing tedious tasks. Around that time I was intrigued with hair extensions.   I had seen many & most were missing the blend & connection so I knew I had stumbled upon my calling.

In 2010 I began my quest as an extension specialist. Thumbing through every bit of information I could get my hands on.  I knew that there were women out there afflicted with hair loss, stunted growth, impatience & the simple desire of just needing more hair.  It was about 2017 when I personally discovered NBR & from that moment I was hooked.  My next step was to become a licensed Artist & its been a decision I have & will never regret.

Stylist are a dime a dozen.  If you have found yourself here, you are looking for something more.  That’s what makes you & I rare!