Welsy Mourino | The Modern Diosa

Welsy Mourino | The Modern Diosa


Product Description

Welsy Mourino has been working in the beauty industry since 2008 and had the privilege of being trained by 15 mentors during her apprenticeship. She made a conscious decision to specialize in hair loss and hair extension in 2016. A year later Welsy discovered Natural Beaded Rows due to the company liking one of her hair color posts.

“ I honestly was shocked when I saw NBR’s portfolio on social media! Hair extensions that actually looked sexy and the hair density had a consistent flow from roots to ends. Their work looked so natural that I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought it was fake. I applied right away to get NBR certified and I’m so happy that I did! I’ve continued my education at DKW Styling Academy, graduated this year, and I’m so grateful for all of their support over the years.”

Despite the pandemic disruption, Welsy and her husband decided to take on the challenge of renovating The Modern Diosa’s new location in the heart of Carytown, Richmond VA. The salon welcomed its clients in May 2022 with a modern and serene ambiance that promises a rejuvenating experience. After visiting the salon, not only will you be leaving with fabulous hair, but you’ll also feel revived to take on the world.

Welsy holds the distinction of being the first stylist in Virginia to become a Licensed NBR Artist. “Education is of utmost importance to me, especially as a hair loss and extension specialist. As a mentor, I am committing to acquire the best knowledge to improve my services and train my staff at The Modern Diosa.” The overall vibe of her persona is fun and spicy, yet professional.