Hi! I’m Evelyne and I’m a licensed NBR artist at Muse Extension Lounge.

I specialize in lived-in and natural coloring techniques, blondes and redheads!

When I’m not at the salon, I’m a mom and a dog mom who typically ends up at the skatepark quad skating most nights! I love poetry and the arts and I have been a writer my entire life. I love cooking planty 🌱 foods and eating them! And a lot of my spare time is filled up with procuring green juice for myself. 😂

I deeply believe in the power that extensions can create in women. How hair can transform your self-esteem that had otherwise been impaired by thinning, damaged or badly cut hair. My career evolved into me being an exclusive NBR only artist because I am a girl’s girl who cheers for all the ladies in my life and beyond, and if my small contribution to the world can be creating a bunch of fierce women who’s self worth was bolstered by my art. I know that I made a difference.
Maybe I will see you in my chair someday. ❤️

With love from,


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