Hey there!  I am the owner of Hustle + Heart Salon and a NBR specialist.
My favorite thing about being a licensed NBR artist is being able to help guide you through your journey to finding your self confidence. Anyone who sits in my chair knows it is more then “just hair”. It is a feeling.
Making your time in my chair more then just an appointment but an experience is always my goal. This is your day! It’s not just a hair appointment at Hustle + Heart Salon. It’s an entire body + soul experience.  I will work until the job is done without cutting corners. It is so important to me that you will not only be comfortable in my chair, but also when you get home after your new install. I take a lot of time adjusting beads to make it as comfortable as possible. I also spend a lot of time showing you how to style and take care of your hair at home. The key to success is not how perfect I instsall the hair, it is how well you are able to take care of them at home. This will determin your overall experience with wearing NBR extensions. So education is key, and I will do my best to set you up for success.
Watching my guests see themselves in the mirror after their transformation is pricesless, and will never get old!
You were beautiful before the extensions, now you just see it for yourself!
I would love to be apart of your journey!
-Jessica Mattevi
Natural Beaded Rows® Licensed Artist

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